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About Aspen Quality Care In Spokane, WA

Our senior care assisted living home provides a range of opportunities for residents to stay connected and active. We provide a range of activities and social events to help our residents stay connected, active, and healthy. From arts and crafts, music, games, and group activities, we strive to create an environment that is stimulating, nurturing, and fun.

Care Mission

At Aspen Quality Care, a Senior Care Assited Living Home, we provide a safe and secure living environment for seniors with personalized healthcare. Our staff is dedicated to making each resident feel comfortable and at home.

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About Long Term Care 360

LTCO the parent company is incorporated in the State of Nevada and is the holding company for several companies all focused on improving and extending the quality of life for our seniors. Professional and efficient healthcare services combined with a unique SaaS EMR billing software solution helps our employees to devote their time to care instead of paperwork while maintaining state and federal compliance.

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